Thursday, October 15, 2009



Today every one is affraid of pen drive.Every computer user consider it as a monster. Here is something that could change your attitude towards pendrive. Here i am going to show you how to make your pendrive free from virus. First, you have to know how much free space is left on the USB drive. Plug in the drive, go to My Computer, right click on the drive letter and select Properties.Take note of the “Free space” that is in bytes.My USB drive has 1,300,594,688 free space, so I will need to create a dummy file that has the exact file size.The best and easiest way is to use fsutil, a command line tool included in windows. Open up command prompt from Start Menu > Accessories and type the following command:You will see that your USB flash drive’s LED is blinking meaning the file is being created.Now my pendrive has 0 free space and virus won,t be able to get in. You can change 1300594688 to the size that you want in bytes. F: is the letter of my USB flash drive and IamDummy is the file name.When you want to copy files into USB removable drive, simply delete dummy file.When you’re done ,create the dummy file again using the fsutil command.If you’re looking for a graphical tool to create dummy fake files, here are a few that I found. Some are slower, and some with NTFS restriction, I hope you find this useful.


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