Thursday, October 15, 2009



1Change Yahoo messenger title bar
Hey guys you can change the yahoo messenger title bar...For this just find the folder messenger in the drive in which the messenger is installed. Then search a file named "ymsgr". In this file just go to the end and write the following code:[APP TITLE]CAPTION=Red DevilHere you can write any name in place of Red Devil... then see the fun.... You can have your own name being placed in yahoo messenger title bar.

2 Enable Right Clicks on The Sites Dat Disable itLots of web sites have disabled the right click function of the mouse button... it's really, really annoying. This is done so that you don't steal (via right-click->save picture) their photos or images or any other goodies. Unfortunately, it disables ALL right-click functionality: copy, paste, open in new window.It's easy to change, assuming your using IE 6:Click "Tools"->"Internet Options"Click the "Security" tabClick "Custom Level"Scroll down to the "Scripting" sectionSet "Active Scripting" to "disable"Click "Ok" a couple of times.You'll probably want to turn this back to "enable" when your done... 'cause generally the javascript enhances a website.


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