Friday, September 2, 2011

How To become Hacker

How to become an hacker ? This is an very common question asked many times. People also used to search this question online.well becoming a hacker is not so hard task but not so easy also,the only thing you need is dedication ,interest and time and litle bit knowledge of internet and programing. Rest of the knowledge you will get while traning period.

First of all our team will like to welcome the newbies in the dark world of hacking. Yes it is the dark world once you got intrest in hacking ,you will never leave it.You will become addict to hacking.

The very first thing to become an hacker is to have an hacker's attitude.You must have seen in hollywoods movies that the guy is working in a room with so many computers and gadegts around him with a different colours of screen and something like that.But in reality hacking is different from it .That was just to create the enviorment of hacking.Night yes night is the god gift for hackers,all the hackers used to do their work at night.

Hackers always used to think to create new applictaions and do something creative .They never wasted their times in sleaping and enjoying.One thing which i personally noted is that hackers love blogging , i have seen each hacker write many blogs.

If we go to past , at that time only few hackers were there , because at that time hackers must have expertise knowledge of programming languages and hacking thinking ,they used to make their own tools and vulnerablities which was very difficult. But today any one with basic knowledege can become hacker as many hacking tools and softwares are available on internet ,the only thing one must have is time and dedication. follow more and more blogs and keep yourself updated in cyber world.

With the increasing intrest of people in Information Technology , increasing IT industries, and increasing cyber crimes ,need of ethical hackers is also increasing. According to Nasscom The information security market in India is currently estimated to be at $500 million and growing by 20-30 percent annually · NASSCOM predicts that India will need 77,000 ethical hackers every year · The global information security products and services market is estimated to grow to $79 billion by 2010.

So there is an good career in ethical hacking,because india does not produce the required security experts .
Choosing C|EH is an good idea to make your career bright.Many other courses are also there in the feild of security ,which you can take advice from our experts after you completed C|EH.

This is the just the begning you must know to enter in the dark world of hacking.Now after reading this you must proceed to Introduction Part of Hacking.

Top thing should you have learn and need:
1-Decent Laptop
2-Operating System linux Specially Backtrack os or Ubuntu
3-Android os or Iphone in mobiles
4-Most know all programming language like c,c+,java,php,css and javascript
5-Read ebooks and videos from youtube...

Hope you enjoy the article
cherrs!!!from aruz parajuli!!!


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