Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Today I am going to teach you an incredibly useful skill. How to make Hack Proof Passwords.

Things that make a good password:
Easy To Remember.
No use having the thing if you can’t even remember it.
If it is not long, people will be able to Brute Force it.
Combinations of Numbers, Letters, Symbols.
Again due to brute forcing.
Difficult to guess.
If you make it your wife’s name. People are going to get it.
Every site should have a different password.

Now I have a real quick and easy method for making passwords that solve all of those problems. Furthermore these passwords will be drunk proof. In other words, no one will be able to accidentally trick you into telling them yoru password.

How to make the password:
What is the name is ?
Hungry Hackers.
Write the name of the name backwards.
srekcaH yrgnuH
Perfoms a Rotate 13 on the string. (This means to change the letter 13 places ahead. a becomes n, r becomes e, etc.)
ferxpnU letahU
Replace all of the letters with 1337 counterparts.
f3rxp/\/_ 13tah_
Interleave your username into it.
fZ3erlxlpf/a\z/e@_ya h1o3ot.achom_

Easy for you to figure out your password. You simply repeat the 5 steps for a website. There is no way anyone is ever going to guess that password. And further more, there is no way your going to tell someone your password because even you don’t know what it is off the top of your head.

This formula could very easily be made more complicated or simplier. Once you have the general idea of what your doing you can make good passwords in no time.


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